Art Nouveau Majolica Barbotine Pottery Sleigh Jardiniere

Coach Luxury


Rare and outstanding Bohemian Art Nouveau glazed Majolica/Barbotine art pottery centerpiece; beautiful form showcasing a sleigh depicting a large shell on an ice skate, a gracious swan at its head. The shell is intricately and beautifully done with floral decor, circa 1900; unusual and impressive; measures approx. 18" long x 12 1/2" high; signed and numbered Eichwald and 5637 impressed. Bohemian; circa: 1900s. A spectacular piece to add to your collection or enhance your home! The Eichwald Company was in business from the late 1880s until the mid-1930s when the company went bankrupt. This mark means it was made between 1889-1924.

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