Magnificent Large Marble Nude Male Torso

Coach Luxury


Fabulous large Sculptured Marble of a Nude Male Torso is a one-of-a-kind, carved in solid Vermont marble directly out of a geometric block; the eye level views the majestic Torso all around without any obstruction, with the aid of natural light. This Sensational Work of Art was handmade and produced in 2005 by Sculptor Marek Zcott 1968-. Marek was born in Worclaw, Poland, a city rich in stone carving tradition with the most refined examples of Historical sculptural forms. He arrived in Canada in 1993. At the H.B Beal in London, Ontario, he was honored with the Emily Carr Award for sculpture and advanced his knowledge to Concordia University in Montreal, Canada where he received BFA with honors distinction and a major in sculpture.

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