Large Antique Decorative Wall Mirror Mother of Pearl Inlay, circa 1910

Coach Luxury


Large antique Mashribiyya mirror, inlaid with mother of pearl and bone inlay on wood of rectangular form, decorated in fine Ottoman Empire artwork featuring openwork with interlaced vines, floral filigree and pierced designs with finial tops on either side; very finely handcrafted with inlaid white mother of pearl and Moroccan bone in floral and geometric Islamic design. Syrian Middle Eastern origin, circa 1910; approximate size: 80 inches high x 50 inches wide x 1 inch deep This incredible work of art is handcrafted by highly skilled master craftsmen and measures approximate 80” high x 50" wide. From ancient Mesopotamia to the Ottoman Empire, mother of pearl artwork was the only noble art to create to get closer to the emperor's entourage. Ottoman Sultans palaces were embellished with mother of pearl pieces all over the royal suites. The Venetians Empire introduced this art to Europe while doing trade with the south of the Mediterranean neighbors. You can also see this ancient art in the Victorian French Palais royal.

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