Set of Four Bell Sterling Silver Salts Salters England, Circa 1928

Coach Luxury


Each set of four bell salt is comprised of two containers and a pepper shaker. The decoration is in reserve on a ring-punched ground, and consists of leaves of several types set in roundels or lozenges or elsewhere just set into the ring-punched ground. The effect is much like linen damask, with its contrast of shiny and dulled areas. Bell salt was so named from the overall bell-like profile of the object as well as of each of the two superimposed sections. Salt was not an easy material to acquire in Europe. In England, it was obtained by the evaporation of seawater. Salt pans were located in towns beside the sea, where they could be flooded and carefully tended while the seawater evaporated. In parts of Europe, rock salt was extracted from mountainsides, where its presence was evidence that the area was once under sea. This salt has been designed as a bell, hence its name, and is made in three sections. The bottom two have shallow depressions in the top to hold salt and a spice, and stand on three ball and claw feet. Each section is flat chased with decoration (strap-work, stylized flowers and leaves) fashionable at the time, against a fine scale patterned ground. Such patterns recur in architecture and embroidery, deriving from printed pattern books which were the main source for the many craftsmen unable to travel outside England. Dimensions: Height: 8 in. (20.3 cm). Mark corresponds to: London, England, circa 1928, maker: William (Richard) Comyns & Sons Ltd. Sensational. What a great addition to your collection and table setting!  

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