Abstract Acrylic on Canvas Painting "She Presumed" by Alexander Hecht

Coach Luxury


Abstract acrylic on canvas painting. Signed: Alexander Hecht, titled “She Presumed” and dated 2009, backside of the canvas, canvas size 33" x 24" x 1.50" profile. Alexander's artwork is his means of expression. His avant-garde automatist paintings are as alive as the artist himself. Alexander creates a three-dimensional blend of organic lines, shapes and space. The subject matter of his pieces is intriguing, painting the intangible and marrying emotion with color. Rather than paint what is seen, he paints emotions he feels. “Each piece I make is a unique composition. I try to incorporate different aspects of who I am into my work, and am happiest when painting. As an artist in pursuit of his dreams, I hope that my work allows people to dream along with me." Alexander Hecht. His art can be found in important collections in California, Florida, Toronto and Montreal.

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