Antique Sterling Silver Perfume Flask Pendant Bakelite Necklace

Coach Luxury


Simply Fabulous! Rare wearable sterling silver hand chased scent flask, in its original state; suspended from a divine Bakelite necklace; approx. 24” long. Functional perfume holder with a threaded top that closes securely and is held by a chain; the scent is hidden away and it maintains its jewelry fac¸ade. Fill it with your favorite perfume. From the Edwardian period; Circa 1910; flask is approx. 3.25” long x 1” at the widest point; drop from necklace measures approx. 5”. It was once the practice to buy perfume in plain bottles at the apothecary and transfer it into decorative table-top bottles and wearable flasks and falcons. These decorative objects were hung around the neck suspended by chain or ribbon (perfume pendant), attached to a finger ring, or dangled from a chatelaine. Classic and Chic....Illuminating your look with Timeless Beauty!

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