Beautiful Dynamic Coach House Druzy Heart Gold Statement Pendant Necklace

Coach Luxury


One-of-a-Kind Runway Pendant Necklace, comprising three fabulous Free-form Natural Druzies, set in 14k yellow gold, beautifully hand crafted mounting; suspended on an oval 18k (750 stamped) yellow gold mesh chain, measuring: 17.25 inches long; Drop measures: 5 inches. Chic and Timeless...Ready to wear from day to evening with style and grace! Fabulous and unique as you are! Thought you would like to know: Druzies are a cluster of crystals grown side by side. Nature's glitter: Druzy steals the show when appearing in custom-made designer jewelry. It's the glitter that catches the eye and attracts attention to the piece. For artists of jewelry designs, like me, incorporating Druzy puts the piece on the best seller list. Crystals on rock: Druzy is crystal-covered rock. Tiny quartz crystals form on the surface or within the cavities of other rocks. Like a geode, such crystals often form on the inside of a stand-alone stone. When cracked open, a geode reveals crystals on the inside. When the crystals are small, and look like a coating of glittering stardust, it's called Druzy. Formation Because rocks don't reveal their origins, we surmise their formation as follows. From time to time and occurring many millions of years ago, molten rock would be forced to the surface from some cataclysmic event. Tremendous heat and pressure caused gases within the molten rock to expand. The gases created cavities when the surrounding rock cooled and solidified. Later, as the rock lay there with vacated cavities, water containing natural minerals filled them and flowed through. After eons of such flow through, the rocks would dry, leaving the minerals from the evaporated water as a crystalline deposit on the surface or within the host rock.

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