Beautiful Rare Natural Maw Sit-Sit Jade Beads Necklace

Coach Luxury


Rare genuine Natural Maw Sit-Sit round Beads Necklace, beautiful deep emerald green color. Each bead measures approx. 22 mm to 24mm (mainly 24 mm). Necklace is held by a magnetic sterling gold plated ball clasp. Absolutely stunning and divine! These exotic gems were mined in Burma and all mines have been exhausted making them highly collectible and difficult to find! This Maw-sit-sit material is from the rough produced during the 1970's. The mine is depleted and there has not been any production of Maw-sit-sit in Burma/Myanmar or elsewhere in the world since. Maw-Sit-Sit is a local name for Jade Albite from upper Burma.

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