Lustrous Keshi Pearls Shell Drop Runway Necklace

Coach Luxury


Fabulous Strand of High Luster Keshi Pearls suspending a Shell pendant. Love the look of Keshi a/k/a Keishi pearls; Simple, and yet so beautiful!; they remind me of soft rose petals! The luminescence in these high quality white pearls is so wonderful--they glow! The petal pearls can be manipulated to lay alternately flat on the neck, creating the effect of white rose petals strung round the neck; held by an oval S/S clasp; approx. length of necklace: 16 inches. Chic and Timeless, Illuminating your Look with a touch of class! Keshi pearls are unusual and hard to get; natural free shaped flat and somewhat chunky non-nucleated pearls, typically formed as by-products of pearl cultivation. Because the oyster has expelled the implanted nucleus of the pearl, the resulting Keshi pearl is 100% nacre. This gives it an especially lustrous and shimmering surface quality; having a greater luster than even the highest quality cultured pearls. A Japanese word also meaning poppy seed is used in Japan for all pearls that grew without a nucleus. Originally, Keshi pearls referred to those pearls formed when a bead nucleus was rejected. Rejected by Oysters, Loved by Humans!

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