Jean Guy Desrosiers Oil on Board Painting “Sur Ma Butte

Coach Luxury


This work is signed, "J G Desrosiers on recto; titled and signed verso of the canvas; “Sur Ma Butte; unframed size - 8" x 10; framed size 18" x 16 x 2. Jean Guy Desrosiers (1934- ). Jean-Guy Desrosiers celebrates each day with art, rising before dawn to paint and working into the early afternoon, often outdoors, shaping his warm, almost naïf oil landscapes. The routine is repeated six days a week, a discipline Desrosiers says is integral to expressing his passion. “The main thing is to get to work with my brush, he says, from Quebec City. A prolific artist with a deep regard for literature, Desrosiers loves the narrative painting allows, and enjoys telling stories with each landscape or still life. Desrosiers’ oil paintings of rural Quebec and his beloved Quebec City reflect his sentimental and playful eye, each scene imbued with rich, earthy tones. Desrosiers works all angles in a painting, often flipping a painting upside down — much to onlookers’ amusement — and ensuring it looks good however held. The affection for his subjects, which include Maritime themes of boats and coastal villages, is apparent in the vibrant paintings. “I am very happy in my life, and my work transmits that joy, Desrosiers says.

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