Jugendstil Silver Brooch Pin

Coach Luxury


Beautiful Jugendstil Brooch in silver; hand hammered center, embossed floras and ovals border; marked: 800; approx. diameter size: 2”; Jugendstil - An art movement embracing life! An Heirloom to treasure for now and forever! It was the German and Austrian Art Nouveau style, named after the Munich review Die Jugend/Youth founded in 1896. It flourished in cosmopolitan Vienna at the end of the century, and became known as the Secessionist style after the Vienna Sezession group formed by Gustav Klimt in 1897. Secession (German: Sezession) refers to a number of modernist artist groups that separated from the support of official academic art and its administrations in the late 19th and early 20th century.

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