Native American Francis Tabaha Signed Navajo Turquoise Sterling Silver Belt

Coach Luxury


Vintage Navajo Genuine Turquoise Sterling Silver Belt. Each link Hand crafted in Traditional etched designs hand set with a cabochon Turquoise; secured with a hook and ring closure. Excellent Native American craftsmanship. Measuring approx. 32.5" long, weighing approx. 130 grams. Francis Tabaha is Navajo from the Kiyaani Clan, (the tower-house people). Born in the Hunter's Point, Arizona to a family of 2 brothers and 10 sisters. The patterns of design in his jewelry have been handed down for many generations. At 16, his grandmother’s father taught him to file and at 21 he learned to finish jewelry. Francis learned sandcast from his aunt and his mother. Followed by inlay into the sand-cast pieces. Later, as his skills developed, he started to set diamonds in Gold. The etched designs on his sterling silver pieces are traditional. The look is contemporary. Francis starts with a picture in his mind influenced by the past and developed for the present. His jewelry has a clean and simple look that can be worn anywhere.

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