Natural Free-Form Tourmaline Druzy Silver Necklace

Coach Luxury


Spectacular Natural Free-form Watermelon Tourmaline Druzy Necklace, comprising thirteen natural tourmaline Druzy gems, inter-spaced with sterling silver spacers held by a S/S square clasp. Approx. Druzy sizes ranging from: 33.5mm x 24.5mm to 40.5mm to 30.5mm. The surface of the Druzy shows the rough surface of the natural gems and sparkles in natural light. The bottom and sides are polished to a smooth cabochon finish. A beautiful and rare example, you must see these to appreciate their beauty! Unique and fabulous as you are! Aligning and channeling, natural tourmaline crystals and jewelry help an individual tap into positive, healing energy. Tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal, linking spiritual energy with physical matter. This gemstone is a unique and beneficial treasure for all. Druzy gems are found inside Geodes.

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