Rare Ken Beldin Modern Primitive Antelope Cuff Bracelet and Brooch Pin Mexico

Coach Luxury


Stunning Museum Quality Artist Signed Cuff Bracelet and Brooch. Handcrafted in Copper and mixed metals featuring an Antelope. Bracelet measures approx. 2" wide in front. The Brooch is unsigned, however, the Bracelet is fully signed by the Artist in electric pen. Signed: ORIGINAL KEN and XOCHITL BELDIN MEXICO 1958. Xochitl may have been Beldin’s wife or mistress. Ken Beldin (1900-?) Was born in Mississippi and educated at U. of C. Berkeley. He retired as head of a successful ad agency in Los Angeles in 1931 to travel through the Southwest. He worked for a time with Mexico’s National Railways attracting tourists to travel to Mexico by rail and was drawn into the rugged beauty of Mexico and its people. He set up a studio in Tenencingo South of Mexico City near Taxco and began creating one-of-a-kind jewelry and sculpture. He was the custodian of a collection of archeological Pre-Columbian stones, and it was from these he derived his motifs. His "modern Primitive" jewelry was considered to have the most feeling and the most authentic look of the Period. He worked throughout the 1940s and 50s with copper, brass, steel, wood and leather. His work was admired and collected by some of the elite of Hollywood including Barbara Hutton, Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney and Sammy Davis, Jr. His friends in Mexico who also purchased his work were: Diego Riviera, Freda Kahlo, J.C. Orosco and Miguel Covarrubias. His pieces were available in gift shops in Mexico City, Tlaquepaque, Morelia and Taxco. Ken was also very interested in the nutritional needs of Mexico’s poor and with the help of a nutritionist in California developed a soybean-based food for children. He created comic books to teach the children about nutrition and gave some of the proceeds from his art sales to this cause. Dale Nichols, the well-known American artist appreciated his work and created a pamphlet about him in 1952 lauding his creations. These unique collectible pieces are being rediscovered now as the treasures they are!

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