Rare Signed Handblown Art Glass Vase Richard Price

Coach Luxury


Exquisite and rare handblown glass vase depicting a stylized tulip; etch signed on base: 'Richard Price 11.5" high, including 4.5 flower; a gorgeous combination of lustrous blue, green and taupe; A Wonderful addition to any collection and enhancement to a living space! Richard Price, handblown glass specialist (1960 Aldershoot, Stafford, England) completed his art studies at the Polytechnic School of Art and Design in North Staffordshire, England and thereafter at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Richard Price established his glass studio in Amsterdam in 1985. Richard Price is widely sought after for his unparalleled glass blowing skills among artists and designers. Having received recognition as a major master glass blower, he is widely collected throughout Europe. His exhibited glass art is made by the lost wax casting technique, where glass is poured into a plaster cast mould. His inspiration comes from frequent travels to Thailand and Buddhism. His newest glass sculptures on exhibit express all the qualities one looks for in sculpture, form, expression, emotion and uniqueness; moreover, one can appreciate the translucent material qualities combined with gold leaf and figurative ornamentation. Translucent colors in the glass accent the motifs placidity.

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