Signed Anton Buschelberger Faun Riding Bear Bronze

Coach Luxury


Fabulous unusual silver patina bronze sculpture depicting faun riding a bear. Artist signed: ANTON BUSCHELBERGER, at the back of the base. Beautifully captured mythological creature showing excellent detail and lovely patina. Approximate. Size: 28 cm = 11 high. Anton Buschelberger (1869-1934) Buschelberger was born in Eger and worked and died Dresden, Germany in 1934. Footnote: In Roman mythology, a Faun was a half-human god of the woods and herds and helped farmers and shepherds. They had pointed ears, short horns and a tail. Their legs were sometimes represented as human but with feet of a goat. The Fauns were followers of Pan, god of the fields and woods, and Bacchus, god of wine.

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