"The Brassiere Salesman" Acrylic on Canvas Painting Diane Collet Larichelière

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The Brassiere Salesman, acrylic on canvas by Québec artist, Diane Collet Larichelière, signed bottom left approximate size: 26.75" x 20.75" x 1.38" Diane Collet 1980- a visual artist who loves word/image play depicting what is essentially eccentric about human existence. Her creative inspiration stems from incongruous associations, visual analogies, and metaphors. Expressive acrylic paintings, digital prints, multimedia works and drawings distort her subjects, giving them both a humoristic yet often vaguely unsettling cast. Diane believes that "A simple phrase or impression feeds a process that involves playing with words and mental images. These incubate for a while in a bath of incongruous associations, visual analogies and metaphors, to eventually surface as "aha!" moments of inspiration. Characters take on a life of their own and depict what is essentially eccentric about their existence. Ironic or satirical humor is an integral part of my work. Life is funny, weird, nuts, and fascinates me." Diane Collet Larichelière.     

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