Victorian Lava Cameo Hand Carved in High Relief Brooch Pin

Coach Luxury


This gorgeous hand carved in High Relief Antique Lava Cameo depicts a LAVISH LADY. Incredible depth of the relief and fine detailing grapes leaves twisted through her hair, dropping to her shoulders, draped with a shawl and a stand of beads around her neck. Notice the delicate feminine beauty of her face, her perfect nose and her parted lips. I like to think of her proper Victorian owner adorned by what is, after all, an ancient party girl! Set high in silver bezel rim mount, the back has a reinforced 'C' clasp. Featured here on a black suede cuff*, you can slide it off the cuff and wear it as a brooch (the pin set up is intact) or as a pendant (black silk cord included). Imagine... owning a piece with so much history. Pure art on your wrist! This heirloom cuff is for a woman who is truly fashionably fearless and provides a rare blend of elegance and edge... an Heirloom you'll enjoy forever! Lava Cameos have dramatically increased in popularity as buyers rediscover the history of lava carving and the perfection of the classical look. This color gray looks well on so many colors and says to viewers that your style is sophisticated and elite. Condition: Beautiful vintage condition; some minor age related discoloration. Approx. Cameo size: 2” x 1.63”

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