Opened in 1979 in the suburbs of London under the direction of Ms. Susan Askew, it became a small family enterprise for the production of Costume Jewelry (mainly necklaces). Traditionally, Askew jewelers made all products by hand, and the main materials were brass and alloys containing copper, gold-plated (24 carat gold) or silver-plated. For cabochons used mainly old semi-precious stones, as well as Japanese art glass of the highest quality. The company exists to this day, producing limited editions of jewelry, which immediately become the object of fans and collectors of Askew. Among fans of Askew London are Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham and others. Noteworthy, ornaments, figurines and sculptures depicting blacks, and in particular, Blackamoor were incredibly popular in the Middle Ages in Europe. For example, on the table of Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin stood a statue of black African as a reminder of his glorious ancestors, and to this day, such decorations remain incredibly popular. Despite globalization, they have not lost a veil of mystery and exoticism. Extremely popular are Brooches depicting the black nobility in luxurious dress. Brushed metal colored Russian gold decorated with colored crystals and pearls in his ears. Exotic headdress completes the outfit.

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