Jim Thompson Collection of Colorful Plush Silk Toys and Jewelry Handbag Pouches

Coach Luxury

Fabulous Jim Thompson collection of 4 simply adorable plush silk toys
and 2 silk jewelry handbag pouches.

- Comprising of a silk Elephant with articulated arms and feet held by buttons. Elephant measures 8.5 inches, when standing and 6 inches sitting x 4.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches deep. 

- A furry silk Monkey, measuring 7 inches tall x 4 inches wide.

- A lying silk Elephant, measuring 7.75 inches long x 3.75 inches wide.

- A colorful silk Turtle, measuring 8 inches long x 4 inches wide,

- One Fuchsia and one gold zippered Jewelry Handbag Pouches, each measuring 5 inches high x 3.5 inches wide x 3 inches deep .

Beautiful rich colors pop! Happy and full of fun... Light up a child's room or make a wonderful gift for toy lovers of any age!

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James Harrison Wilson Thompson (March 21, 1906 – March 26, 1967
disappeared) was an American businessman who helped revitalize the Thai
silk industry in the 1950s and 1960s. At the time of his disappearance
he was one of the most famous Americans living in Asia. Thompson was
unlike any other figure in Southeast Asia. He was an American, an
ex-architect, a retired army officer, a one-time spy, a silk merchant
and a renowned collector of antiques. 

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