Veil of Light Large Acrylic Nude Sculpture by Frederick E. Hart

Coach Luxury


Fabulous large frosted and clear acrylic light nude sculpture "The Silken Mystery of the Spirit" Signed Hart, limited edition and numbered by the artist # 117/350 on base, circa 1987; approx. 21.5 inches tall. The sculpture depicts Hart's stunning vision of a graceful and heroic female figure wrapped in flowing, diaphanous robes of incandescent brilliance and inspired by his appreciation for the decorative Art Nouveau style. It was during this era that the dancer, Loie Fuller, held that purity of movement could best express the inner soul. She performed a dance in which silken material swirled hypnotically around her shadowy form while light shone from beneath the stage to give her the appearance of dancing rhythmically in garments of light. This sculpture captures much of that feeling when illuminated from above or below.

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